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Convo.Ai Features



Automated technology can provide a deep analysis of the needs and wants of the general public for a better connection with probable customers.



Our Convo.Ai platform can target indicated interests of the consumer to convert them into sales for the business.



Consumers lack interest in tedious form-filling to provide information, this problem is countered by active chat support offered by AI Bots.



Conversational User Interface solves the problem of formal transaction processes so users can get similar to interacting with another person.



Virtual assistance offered by technological feats of automation help to showcase empathy and emotion for a better interactive experience.



Convo.Ai provides the persuasion capabilities of humans without the setbacks by presenting better options tailored to the customer’s profile.



Automation provides predictive analysis by chatbots as they converse with customers which also provide them with the next best course of action.



Customers can heave a sigh of relief as a smart virtual assistant will remind them of outstanding balances, upcoming bills, etc, to avoid penalties.

Retail Banking

Our Artificial Intelligence integrated banking services have made great strides in order to provide a 24x7 user experience that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Customers can now tend to all their banking needs without interruption.

  • Find ATMs near you through location analysis
  • Report loss of your cards
  • Stay updated on most exciting offers customized for you
  • Notification of Loss
  • Keep a tab on your account balances
  • Fund transfers over a plethora of modes made easy
  • Analyse your spending
  • Notification of Loss
  • Stay informed about repetitive transactions
  • Regular reminders for pending bill payments
  • Conversion of payments to easy EMIs
  • Get notified when low on balance

Business Banking

All banking needs and queries answered through conversational AI customized as per the needs of your bank and customers.

  • Identification of important banking landmarks like branches, cash collection points and cheque drop points.
  • Frequently updated information on Currency exchange rates.
  • Enquiries on fees, commission and charges for various services.

  • Request for services like account statement, debit and credit card settlement advice, etc.
  • National and international transaction alerts and status updates.
  • Get detailed updates on pending or approved transactions and approve order or reject a cheque book.
  • Discover products and services such as current account, working capital, business loans and much more.
  • Campaign suggestions
  • Get notified about low balance, due invoices and internal approvals.

Conversational Insurance

Step into the future of insurance with conversational AI to help you at each and every step of your insurance journey. Agencies get the luxury of engaging with probable customers through channels of their choice.

As expert in AI and its applications, we can equip our insurance clients to harness its powers to improve on their customer experience as well as management processes. This can be done by learning from our vast experience with Out of the box support for Origination, Claims Processing, Policy Management, Premium Payments, Service requests as well as Virtual Agents.

  • Get help in choosing the perfect insurance suited for your needs
  • Enquire about various fees and charges
  • Notification of Loss
  • Request for monthly payments
  • Information regarding charges and service fee
  • Detailed updates on pending payments
  • Get suggestions on upgrading health insurance
  • Suggestions based on lifestyle and preferences
  • Post retirement plans

Capital Markets

Capital markets is a challenging industry. With our AI assisted methodssolutions, we can help create value for our clients by setting them apart in the capital market business. By learning to leverage AI capabilities, human intelligence and decision making can achieve a much-needed boost.

We understand that the need of the industry is to work concurrently on cost savings and adding value to its clients, employees as well as stakeholders across the platform. Our AI driven next generation brokerage platform, with its out of the box support for a plethora of services like market information, orders, stock quotes, portfolio, equities, service requests, mutual funds, origination, virtual agents, etc can come to the rescue.